Guilt and Remorse                                                                                                                                                    Posted 11th May 2013

Guilt is something you should confront honestly and act directly towards it expiation.  Acted upon, it is a positive force.  Merely harboured for its own sake, it is a ferocious corrosive, rotting the spirit permanently.  That’s why you should avoid the way some people choose their guilts and nurture them, so that they don’t have to confront life fully any more – like self-maiming to become a beggar.

Remorse will remain even after the expiation of guilt, a lingering awareness of our capacity to fail others and ourselves.  Guilt is a visiting tradesman who comes to help you put your house in order.  The longer it stays, the less effectively you can get on with your life.  Let it rectify your sense of yourself and pay it off.  Remorse is a permanent house guest.  If you’re honest, you’ll always have a place for it.

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