Utopian Blues                                                                                                                                 Posted 18th May 2013

Utopia is the secular form of Eden.  One never was, one never will be.  One is where we don’t come from and one is where we will never go.
Evolution disproves the existence of Eden.  History disproves the existence of Utopia.  There never was an ideal place on earth.  There never will be an ideal place on earth.
These are dreams.  Dreams partially define us, but only partially.  Our waking reality lives always between dreams and may honestly try to interpret their significance but it can never be their significance.  Waking is more alive than dreaming is.  It is where we meet reality.  Dreams are where we argue with reality but the argument is always settled in reality.  The dreamer always dies.
That is why there will never be some successful re-write of our nature, some Eugenesis.

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