Mysteriousness of Energy                                                                                                        Posted 5th June  2013

I can’t remember the house in which I saw the photograph.  I think I was told it had been taken around 1905.  It was a street scene in sunlight, at the cross of some town.  There was a horse and cart certainly.  The area was busy with people, but three figures in particular remain vivid in my memory.  One was an attractive young woman with dark hair.  Another was a boy with a cap.  The third was what looked like a middle-aged man.  They were obviously quite separate.  They were walking in the foreground towards the camera, determinedly.  From this distance in time it was impossible to imagine what their purposes might be, big or small, and certainly impossible to guess to what extent those purposes might be achieved.  Only the mystery of their energy remains.  They walk still in my mind, like the ghosts of all of us.  Unlike Hamlet’s father, they don’t shout, ‘Revenge!’  They just whisper, ‘Hurry!’