All of the Photos below are from Willie's personal album. Willie loaned the album to me to get "a few pictures" for this website and, as I thought this gallery page would be a good idea, I scanned more than a few and picked out the selection below. All pictures William McIlvanney.
Neil McIlvanney
 Willie Goes Back to School - Kilmarnock Academy Friday 28th March 2014
 As all Willie's novels are back in print - a family celebration chez Trish - December 26th 2013
 Imprint Festival Kilmarnock with Gordon Ferris - November 16th 2013
 Lazing on a sunny afternoon - August 4th 2013
 Old Friends
(Above left) Andy Dunlop, William McIlvanney, John McPartlin and Bob Cooper. "Friends since University who have met every month since then, mainly in La Lanterna, to explain to the world what it's doing wrong, although the world never listened." Willie
 Paris  -  April 2013
 At Work

 Book Launch

  William McIlvanney, Fulton Mackay and others at the original launch of "The Papers of Tony Veitch".
 Growing Up in the West
 School Days

 Laidlaw's Glasgow

  At Readings
 Through the Ages